Earn Upto ₹200 Gpay Diwali Mela (expired)

Hello Friends Hope You’re Doing Well, Gpay Just Announced Gpay Diwali Mela Campaign Where You or Your Friends Both Can earn upto ₹200/- In This Event.

Build the tallest building with the help of your friends to reach the top 5 lakh by October 27 , 2022.

This campaign have 4 Rounds . After Completing 1st Round the 2nd Round will announce in the Gpay application. This event ends on November 30, 2022.


It’s a race to build the tallest structure! 4 fun challenges from October 19 to November 30, 2022.

Full Rules

• Race to build the tallest structure in round 1 by October 27, 2022. Top 5 lakh teams get up to ₹200 team reward.

• Build solo or in a team. You can only be in one team for every round and people with the same phone number cannot be in the same team.

• You can earn and build floors through different qualifying actions. See “Get more floors” for qualifying actions and daily limits.

• At the end of every round, you will earn rewards based on your team’s ranking. Team rewards will be evenly distributed among each member. Round 1 rewards:

    1. Rank 1 – 50,000, 200/team
    2. Rank 50,000 – 2 lakh, 80 / team
    3. Rank 2 lakh – 5 lakh, 250/team

To Know more Click Here.

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