How to earn real money from youtube

Hi friends we all want to earn money from internet, but we do not have the basic knowledge how to earn real money from internet. There are various ways like making videos, playing games, watching videos, sharing videos, listening song and many more.

YouTube is no.1 biggest platform for earning money online. But how can you do that? Don’t worry i will tell you a to z about this. At first you have to make a gmail account to sign up you tube. Existing gmail account holder can sign in. Creat a youtube account and select a unique name for your youtube account relating your video topic. For example if you are willing to make video cooking related then you can chose your youtube account name “cooking guru”, “cook lovers” etc. One point, before you select a name you have to search this name in youtube to check is this type of name already have or not. If already exists, then you have to chose other name for your youtube channel. An unique name of channel will help to improve your channels searching result quickly.

Then you have to make videos of your own (you can not upload others videos for copyright issue). For example if you are a teacher then you can make many videos episode relating your teaching skills. You can capture your videos with smartphone, dslr or camcorder. Edit videos, is you have computer o laptop you can use verious video editing software like camtasia studio, wondarshare video editor etc or if you a smartphone user then you can use power director, kine master apk video editor to make a beautiful video presentation.Then upload this video. Named this video, add tags and publish. Your video will live after publishing. You have to upload several videos. After some days you will see that your video will get views and subscribers. You have to gain 1000 subscribers & 4000 hours watch time during last 365 days. You can check this details from your youtube dashboard monetization section. After completing this, you will be eligible for monetization. Then you can apply for monetization. It will be 7 days to approve monetization. You will get successful monetization email within 7days in your registered email. Then your videos will eligible to earn money.

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